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Editor themes

Are you a fan of the white or black (dark) theme? Select the one you like most in the appearance settings.

And people with color blindness are encouraged to try the Adjust for colors for red-green vision deficiency option (protanopia, deuteranopia).

Colors and fonts

Feel free to customize any of these themes to suit your needs and preferences. Maintain your prefered colors and fonts layout for syntax and error highlighting in the editor, search results, the debugger and consoles via font and color schemes. Use a predefined scheme or create your own (changes are highlighted in the preview immediately so that you can tune it easily)

Keyboard schemes

As a keyboard-centric IDE, CLion provides a keyboard shortcut for nearly every feature. Use the default keyboard scheme, choose from the long list of available schemes (for example, if you are used to IntelliJ IDEA, or maybe Xcode), or even create your own based on an existing one.

For clion, enter File setting editor code style C / C + + code generation. 4、 Background color theme. Similarly, open the settings and select general. Then select the settings on the right side. In the above scheme, there are some mainstream theme color schemes, and the most used ones are default (white background) and dark (dark. 除了clion, 其它JetBrains系的IDE也支持此文件. Download this repo or.icls file, then open clon and get files - settings - Editor - Color Scheme. Then click the gear-like button on the right side of scheme and select the insert-theme item. Except for clion, other JetBrains ide also support this file. The Solarized Dark - Clion C theme is a color scheme for eclipse created by Viktor Jucas. It has been downloaded 173 times and provides support for a lot of common editors.

Editor background

To spice up your editor’s look, set a custom background image. Open Find Action dialog (Shift+Ctrl+A), type Set Background Image, select an image and configure its settings in the dialog that appears.


If you a fan of fonts with ligatures (e.g. FiraCode, Hasklig, Monoid or PragmataPro), go to Editor Colors & Fonts Font settings, choose a corresponding font, and select the 'Enable font ligatures' option.

Clion Theme Visual Studio

FiraCode is bundled into CLion by default.

Clion Themes

Semantic highlighting

To understand how the data flow through the code at a glance, Highlighting each variable/parameter with its own color can be helpful.

Clion Theme

Colors are kept unique inside the body of a function or lambda, and identifiers with the same name are assigned the same color.

Clion theme

To try it on, turn on semantic highlighting in Editor Color & Fonts Language Defaults.

The interface theme defines the appearance of windows, dialogs, buttons, and all visual elements of the user interface. By default, CLion uses the Darcula theme, unless you changed it during the first run.

Clion Material Theme

The interface theme is not the same as the color scheme, which defines the colors, fonts, and syntax-highlight for various text resources: the source code, search results, and so on.

Change the UI theme

  1. In the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, select Appearance & Behavior Appearance.

  2. Select the UI theme from the Theme list:

    • IntelliJ Light: Traditional light theme for IntelliJ-based IDEs

    • macOS Light or Windows 10 Light: OS-specific light theme available as a bundled plugin

    • Darcula: Default dark theme

    • High contrast: Theme designed for users with color vision deficiency

Select Sync with OS to let CLion detect the current system settings and use the default dark or light theme accordingly.

It is also possible to create your own UI themes for CLion and customize the built-in themes. For more information, see IntelliJ Platform SDK Documentation.