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CLion will reload your CMake project and you will be able to see a Warning in the console, because the conanbuildinfo.cmake file still doesn’t exist: 4. Create a conanfile.txt with all your requirements and use the cmake generator. In this case we only require the zlib library from a Conan package. @Neuron, in CLion on a Mac it's menu View, Tool Windows, Terminal. (On a Mac, the built-in bash shell is also called Terminal.) But there's no real difference with using a standalone terminal window, except for having all in one place, and it conveniently defaulting to the project's folder.

When I use CLion on a ROS project, I get the following banner when looking at .h files: This file does not belong to any project target, code insight features might not work properly. Any insight?

To reproduce:

Then open any .h file to see the banner. Code completion works fine in .cpp files.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Clyde. I have the same issue with Clion 2017.2.3It does NOT happen (i.e. the .h file is seen correctly) in Clion 2017.1.3It seems like that you're using 2017.2.3 as well (from the last line of your code snippet).

There are several options for remote development in CLion, each targeting a particular subset of the setups: Full Remote Mode, WSL, and two variants of using GDB/gdbserver, GDB Remote Debug and Remote GDB Server.

Watch this webinar recording and refer to the tables below for a summary on remote development options in CLion.

System and IDE configuration

Full Remote ModeWSLGDB Remote DebugRemote GDB Server
Local OSmacOS / Linux / WindowsWindowsmacOS / Linux / WindowsmacOS / Linux / Windows
Remote OSLinuxCertain Linux distributionsAny OS supporting gdbserverAny OS supporting gdbserver and SSH
Connection protocolSSHSSHTCP / UDP or serial lineTCP / UDP or serial line;
SSH for uploading
Required toolsrsync for macOS / Linux clients;
tar for Windows clients
-gdbserver on targetgdbserver on target
Sources locationLocallyLocallyLocally;
symbol file also placed locally
SynchronizationAutomatic for all sources;
manual resync of header search paths
Not requiredManualAutomatic for the binary
BuildingRemotelyOn WSLNot specifiedLocally (cross-compilation required)
RemotelyOn WSLProgram runs remotely under gdbserver;
CLion's GDB connects to the running process
and debugs it locally
Similar to GDB Remote Debug

Project-level settings

Full Remote ModeWSLGDB Remote DebugRemote GDB Server
Project formatCMake / MakefileCMake / Compilation database / MakefileAnyCMake
ToolchainRemoteWSLNot specifiedDefault on macOS/Linux;
MinWG, Cygwin, WSL on Windows
Path mappingsCreated automatically,
customizable in deployment entry
Not requiredNot created automatically,
should be set up in run/debug configuration
Not created automatically,
should be set up in run/debug configuration

Clion Remove Projection

Clion Remove Project

Steps of the workflow

Clion Remove File From Project

  1. Create a Remote toolchain:
    - provide credentials and check the connection,
    - wait for tools detection, provide the paths manually if required.

  2. Set the Remote toolchain as default or create an associated CMake profile.

    Switch to the remote toolchain in Settings/Preferences Build, Execution, Deployment Makefile.

  3. If needed, adjust path mappings in the deployment entry.

  4. Use the default profile or select the profile from step 2 for build, run, and debug.

    Call Tools Makefile Clean and Reload Makefile Project.

    In the configuration settings, point Executable to the remote binary.

Clion Project Structure

  1. Configure WSL.

  2. Create a WSL toolchain and provide credentials.

  3. Set the WSL toolchain as default
    or create an associated CMake profile.

  4. Select the default profile or the profile from step 3 for build, run, and debug.

Clion Remove Folder From Project

  1. Place the binary on the remote machine and symbol file on the local machine.

  2. In CLion, create a GDB Remote Debug configuration:

    • provide the symbol file location,

    • specify connection details,

    • set up path mappings.

  3. Launch the program under gdbserver on the remote machine.

  4. In CLion, debug the configuration created on step 2.

Clion Project Setting

  1. Create a Remote GDB Server configuration:

    • provide the credentials to access the target,

    • configure the uploading process,

    • (optional) set the gdbserver connection details.

  2. Select the Debug CMake profile and start a debug session for the created configuration.