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To develop Python scripts in CLion:

  1. How To Configure Python Interpreter
  2. Jetbrains Python Download

Goal: with CLion create.exe that process jayne.txt as shown in Boost's tutorial. My example revolves around building Boost Library Binary with GCC, configuring project in CLion and using CMake. It's quite expressive, maybe even an overkill, but I believe you can adapt. On the other hand I'll try to make project itself as system independent as. CLion; simple cmake file with python projects Follow. Cmat Created June 09, 2020 06:40. I am a complete noob to CMAKE and am mostly a Python developer. However, I am now in a situation where I need to use a lot of C in my project, which is why I'm trying to use clion instead of pycharm now. So, my project structure is as follows.

  • Download and install Python.

  • Install and enable the Python plugin (press Ctrl+Alt+S and go to Plugins ).

  • Configure at least one Python interpreter.

How to configure python interpreter

If you are a Windows user, we recommend that you install Python for Windows.

Supported versions

  • Python 2: version 2.7

  • Python 3: from the version 3.6 up to the version 3.10

Python support in CLion

How To Configure Python Interpreter

CLion provides the following features to help working with Python:

  • Ability to configure local interpreters.

  • Python console.

  • Run/debug configurations for Python.

  • Code inspections.

  • Intention actions.

  • Code completion and resolve.

  • Built-in code formatter and separate set of Python code style settings.

  • Find usages in Python code.

  • Quick documentation.

  • Configuring Python debugger.


Use this page to configure Python debug options.


Jetbrains Python Download

Attach to subprocess automatically while debuggingIf this checkbox is selected, CLion will automatically attach all subprocesses of the process being debugged. Thus, if the parent process has subprocesses, their breakpoints will always work.
Collect runtime types information for code insightIf this checkbox is selected, the types of function calls are preserved during debugging, and passed to the type checker.
Clear cachesClick this button to remove information about the types of arguments, collected at run time.
Gevent compatible

If this checkbox is selected, the debugger will be compatible with the Gevent-monkeypatched code. You can also enable the Gevent support by setting GEVENT_SUPPORT=True environment variable.

This parameter works for Python >= 2.7, Python >= 3.5

PyQt compatible

If PyQt is installed on the interpreter, but is not imported in the application code, some import errors may occur. Deselect this option fixes these errors.

If you have multiple PyQt compatible backends, installed on your interpreter, you have to select the PyQt or PySide2 backend from the list. By default, the Auto option is enabled, which means that the backend first found will be used.