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Circle is a basic shape which is used in a variety of ways in logos. You will see it embedded in logo styles in the form of emblems, as an elemental shape in a pictorial mark, or even as a form of compositional arrangement where the elements or text is used in a circular pattern. The best part about circles is that they can be used in traditional, modern, geometric and minimalistic logos –meaning they are good for all styles!

Circular logos are one of the most recognized shapes making their round attributes perfect for a variety of businesses and logo styles. The BrandCrowd logo maker can design a circle logo for your business or event in minutes. Whether you need a minimalist logo or a traditional logo, the logo generator will create a circle logo tailored for you. Simply browse through our list and click to select the circle logo you would like to make. Remember with our online logo maker, you can change colors of any element, move the design as you need, choose from over 40 fonts, add as many lines as text as you want, rotate text and do so much more. Circle Logo Maker. LogoVerge, for creating custom logos for all-level users. It's free to use! Resourceful and abundant in text fonts, shapes and searchable icons. If not, do it now by choosing from the awesome range of colorful circle logo templates. Create your circle logo with.jpg,.png &.pdf files ready to download. Get Started For Free. Easily customize any design and give your images a fresh new look at any moment! NO design skills or technical knowledge required. YouiDraw Logo Creator: An Online Logo Maker for creating high quality vector graphics, headings, html5 logos, icons, web site elements and buttons by hundreds of templates and styles.Use the result with various other graphic and text editor and web design programs.

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Some of the most common industries that make use of circular logos include:

Food catering businesses: mostly, businesses that deal with catering need to display a lot of text in their logo, which includes the company name and a tagline –the circular configuration is ideal for such display of information.

Motorists: Motorbike companies, mechanics, repair shops etc. are usually aiming for a distinct 'badge' like look in their logos which is easily available in circle logos.

Childcare and Children: logos for preschools, children’s clothing and various other child-related businesses go for a circular symbol or composition because of the softness offered by this shape.

Eco-friendly Products and Services: Eco-friendly and environment logos makes use of circles as globes to denote mother earth and nature.

Virtually any business can make use of circles in their logos. If you want to try out some circular symbols for your business, head on over to DesignMantic’s logo maker software and see what circle templates are available for you!


Download circle cropped image here. To support transparency, only png format is available.

Circle Badge Logo Creator


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Most of the common image formats like (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp etc..) are supported, you can upload any type of images, irrespective of size and dimensions to do a circle cropping.

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