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After dogs, cats are perhaps the most popular animals on the internet, sharing the podium among the most adorable. There are many races: there are hairy or bare, there are fat cats and skinny cats. However, their faces are their most characteristic aspect. Flat or elongated tubes, raised or collected triangular ears, and those characteristic giant eyes. Today we will teach you how to draw a cat face so that you capture the whole essence of felines.

The most faithful drawings require examples to recreate them. A cat face is rich in anatomical details that we must take into account. If you want to have a nice gesture with your feline friend, do not miss these guides to learn how to draw cat faces from multiple perspectives.

We must understand that, although the animal has fur, we must continue to consider the shape of the skull. With practice, you will be able to understand how to draw its head perfectly, but you should avoid getting frustrated if you do not succeed the first few times. Without more to add, let’s move on to the different guides that we recommend.

How to draw a cat face with different technics

How to Draw a Cat Face from WikiHow

Drawing a Cat: Step 1 T he first step in this drawing lesson is to sketch a basic outline of the head using a lead pencil. This outline is to establish the main shapes and proportions of the image and does not require much detail. Give some thought to the compositional shape of the image on the page. 20 Easy Cat Drawing Step by Step Tutorials – Simple Cat Sketch Step 1. Draw the head of the cat In the beginning, we draw an elongated oval, but the edges of the oval should be sharp. Draw the eyes of the cat On the left side of the head, just above the middle, draw the left eye: one. How to Draw a Baby Cat - Step-by-Step Tutorial. Step 1: First draw the head with slightly pointed ears on either side. Step 2: Next draw in the eyes, nose and mouth of the face. Step 3: Then draw the front legs and chest. Step 4: Next draw in the back leg and rest of the body.

From the WikiHow page, we find this tutorial that teaches us from the basics. With a guide of the proportions, we can draw beautifully sculpted faces. If what we are looking for is a starting point to then make our designs, then the practical tips for beginners of this page are perfect.

The Simple Guide to Drawing Realistic Cat Eyes – Drawing the doors of the soul

Cat face drawing could not be complete without the gleaming eyes. This little guide will allow us to master the art of hand drawing the eyes that will give character to the face of our cat.

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Cat Face by Drawing tutorials 101

Sometimes all we want is a simple cat face. For those occasions, we have this tutorial that guides us through the basics, such as the proportions and the location of the elements of the face. Ideal if we want a more cartoonish touch.

How to Draw a Cat Face – A stylized design

Another simple alternative when drawing cats faces. This simple cat face drawing will guide us through contours that we will gradually become a feline. For additional details, use colored crayons.

How to Draw a Cat Head – a subtle touch

With this lesson, you can learn to draw part of the cat’s neck and head with a subtle or soft appearance. The pencil strokes are soft and fast, simulating the animal’s fur.

How to draw a little cartoon cat

If what we are looking for is to draw a full-body cat, this cute cartoon will allow us to do it in a few steps. Perfect for children to color for hours.

How to Draw a Realistic Cat – For the most demanding

This cat drawing requires some more dedication since the intention is to achieve a realistic finish using traditional techniques. The good thing is that we start from the basics.

Use the word cat to draw

The use of the word cat in this tutorial is ingenious. We can see how the silhouette of the animal is formed from the letters that define several parts. A creative way of drawing.

Learn to draw a complete cat with creativebloq

This extensive guide will take us through all the steps we need to draw a full-bodied and realistic cat. Although we see it as a sketch in the first instance, its finish is sublime, so you will not need colors to highlight it.

Different poses and styles of cats

The following instructions include multiple poses of cats with different styles. Although all have a cardboard appearance, the level of realism varies between styles. The most basic will serve us perfectly to progress in getting our way of drawing.

Let’s study the anatomy of cats

Cat face drawing is not the only thing that requires studies. You have to learn every part to be able to draw it with details. The following tutorial will help you learn more about the feline body.

Learn with the video Kitty CatS

An interactive way to learn today is through videos. Kitty CatS is a video tutorial that will take us through all the steps of drawing a kitten, from the eyes to the whiskers. However, we recommend using this tutorial if we already master the basics.

Not only do home cats appear

We also consider the wild cat on this list. This animal has some different characteristics with its civilized relative. This sketch is perfect for learning to draw silhouettes.


Fall in love with this anime cat

This anime cat has a simpler but equally stylized style. Although it only offers the front view, it is a good starting point for artists.

The ultimate guide to drawing

In this guide, we will find multiple positions to draw cats. Everything explained with great detail. The guide explains how the cat’s limbs bend, as well as other basic elements.

All the data that we will get in this extensive guide will come with explanations and comments to be able to understand a little more of the design (even with images of the skeleton). Additionally, other non-cat drawings to practice are included.

Four cats with traditional style

Cat sketch step by step

The cats in the following tutorial include four vintage styles that we can easily do just with the use of some lines. Three of the guides are only cat face drawings, but in one of them, we will get the whole body.

Final tips for drawing cats

– Remember that these are just instructions; they are not a definitive guide on how to draw cats. Part of the process is practice. Also, if you find your style you can practice more fluently.

– Try to get out of your comfort zone, look for new ideas and develop yourself as an artist. Observation is the best learning technique, so whenever you have a chance, look at cats directly.

– Once you master the fundamental, experiment with other elements. Give emotion to your drawings; try different feelings, such as anger, happiness, and sadness. It is a challenge when it comes to animals.

– Have special care on the base shape of the face. It isn’t similar to that of humans.

– Do not draw only one standing position; vary in the options to learn more about them. Cats are very elastic, so you will always have poses to choose from.

– The spine of cats is also different from that of people. This goes from the neck to the tip of the tail. Also, it has a certain curvature.

Cat Drawing Step By Step Realistic

– The tail is the way cats show their feelings. The way you draws it will make the cat look sad or happy, distraught or angry. It is also a fundamental element in the balance of cats.

Cats are very varied in shapes and colors, so they are a good source of practice when drawing. Do not be afraid to dabble in this new category in your path of the artist.

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Cute Cat Drawing Step By Step

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