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Download Camtasia Relay Sign in to the website to download Camtasia Relay for Mac or Windows. Select a type of article for: Fix a Problem Browse our support articles for solutions.; Using View help topics to learn how to use the product.; Licensing and Accounts Find answers to your general account and licensing questions. Record your lectures or presentations and post to the web for playback using Camtasia Relay. This software has many uses but is commonly used by faculty in the classroom. Camtasia Relay allows you to record exactly what’s displayed on your computer screen including your mouse clicks and any accompanying audio (such as. Camtasia Relay server runs on Windows Server 2003. The suggested retail price of Camtasia Relay starts at $7,995.00; the suggested academic price is $4,995.00 for a single server license. Camtasia Relay is desktop capture software. Camtasia Relay captures whatever is displayed on your desktop along with your voice as your narrate over your slides, a document, an image, etc. Camtasia Fuse App for iPhone and Android allows you to create on-the-spot videos and upload them from your phone to the Relay.

Camtasia Relay

Update, November 20, 2020:

Camtasia relay recorder download

It appears that the Camtasia Relay server‘s login page and each user’s home page (that had listed all of the users’ videos) have been taken down. It may be possible that some videos still reside on the server, as we have observed that videos still work that have been linked to from, for example, Canvas.

However, if you still have videos on the server, and you want to keep them, then you should download them immediately (start with step 3 or 4 of the tutorial below), as the server could be dismantled at any moment.



Camtasia Relay has been the best way for faculty to create videos for classes. And while it has served us well, it is going away. The college has not renewed its license. That means that we will no longer receive updates from TechSmith, the publisher, which means that eventually it will stop working because of incompatibilities with new technologies. We can still use it, until it stops working. In fact, Camtasia Relay does not work with Macs anymore.

So, we have a new system for recording videos — Panopto. One of the cool things about Panopto is that you can upload already-existing videos. So, you could upload your old Camtasia videos… if only you could download them from the Camtasia Relay Server! And it’s not immediately obvious how to do that. In fact, the Relay Server does not provide the ability to download your videos.

But there is a way, and this article will show you how to download your videos from the Camtasia Relay Server, so you can then upload them to Panopto. Here’s how:

1. First, go to our Camtasia Relay Server’s website, and log in with your BC email address and password.


2. Then, you will see a list of all your videos that currently reside on the server. From that list, click on one of the videos you wish to download. Then, on the right, click on “View” next to the Flash version (the Flash version is the largest, highest-resolution, best-quality version of that video).

3. Then, the Flash video page will come up in another tab of your browser. In the address bar, delete the “.html” at the end of the URL.

4. At the end of the URL, (where you just deleted “.html”), type media/video.mp4. Hit <Enter> on your keyboard, and the video itself will appear in the browser window (as opposed to an html page that points to your video).

Techsmith screen capture

5. Next, right-click anywhere on your video, and select the menu item that allows you to Save the video file. It may say “Save Video As…” or “Download file as…” or “Save file as.”

6. In the ensuing Save As dialog box, navigate to the location on your computer where you wish to save the video. By default, the browser will save the video in your Downloads folder.

7. Finally, rename the file with a descriptive file name. By default, all Flash videos saved on the Camtasia Relay Server are named “video.mp4” — not very descriptive!

And that’s it! Repeat this process for each of the videos you wish to download from the Relay Server. Your videos will be on your local computer, ready to upload into Panopto. If you need help with that, let us in eLearning know — we’ll be happy to help you one on one, or, if we have enough demand, we’ll make another tutorial page.

Happy downloading!

Camtasia relay recorder


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Last Updated November 20, 2020