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Depending on the business, an announcement letter can include a variety of elements. The tone of the email should be friendly but professional. In terms of length, it’s important to include the right details, but the email shouldn’t be a novel, either.

What is a promotion announcement?

  1. It could be a good announcement or a bad too. But, whatever it could be, an announcement has to be made to make people aware of the happening. Are you wondering how to make an announcement? Well, if it is a professional announcement, writing an announcement email can be easier and faster mode to inform people in a short period and with lesser.
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Organizations announce promotions to recognize and honor employees who are being promoted, and to inform other employees of changes within an organization. They are generally made via email or announced in person.

How to create a promotion announcement email

Use these steps to write a promotion announcement:

1. Decide if an email is the most appropriate method

In most cases, an emailed promotion announcement is sufficient. If you have a small organization, you may wish to announce the promotion in person as well. When an employee is promoted to a C-level position, a public announcement may be in order. For example, you may wish to inform partner businesses, customers, stockholders and business organizations or media outlets.

2. Address the recipients of the email

Use salutations such as 'Dear [Name of Your Organization] Employees' or 'Dear All.' It should be clear that the email and its contents are meant for all employees.

Announcement Memo Meaning

3. Introduce the employee being promoted

Use the full name of the employee and announce the promotion. You can also include details such as how long the employee has been with the organization or in their previous role. Use positive language to indicate enthusiasm. For example, you might say that you are 'excited' or 'delighted' to announce the promotion, which will encourage employees to receive it positively.

4. Describe the employee’s achievements and new responsibilities

Write a few sentences about the achievements and contributions that contributed to the promotion. You may wish to include specific examples that portray the employee’s performance.

Additionally, describe the employee’s new responsibilities and who the employee will report to in the new role. This can be helpful if the employee’s promotion will impact several employees and will tell employees what to expect as a result of this promotion.

5. Close the email by encouraging employees to support the promoted colleague

End on a positive note by encouraging colleagues to congratulate and support the promoted employee. This will instill confidence in the promoted employee.

What to include in a promotion announcement email

The following are components you should include in a promotion announcement email:

  • Congratulations to the promoted employee
  • Accomplishments that the employee has achieved thus far within the organization
  • Key factors that played a role in the promotion
  • A description of the employee’s new roles and responsibilities in the promoted position
  • Encouragement for other employees to congratulate the promoted employee

Template of a promotion announcement email

Use this template to guide you when you write a promotion announcement email:

[Subject line: First and last name of the promoted employee, the title of their new position]


[First paragraph: Use this paragraph to introduce the promoted employee. Include the title of their previous position as well as their new position title. Use a sentence or two to detail the employee’s time with the organization and your excitement regarding their promotion.]

[Second paragraph: Describe what led to the promotion, the employee’s contributions to the company and the new responsibilities the employee will gain as a result of the promotion. If the employee will report to a different manager, include that information as well.]

[Closing paragraph: Congratulate the employee and encourage other employees to do the same.]

[Closing phrase]

[Your name]

[Your title]

Example of a promotion announcement email

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The following is an example of a promotion announcement email you can use for inspiration when creating your own:

Announcement Memo

Subject: James Meyers, Director of Marketing

Dear All,

I am excited to announce the promotion of James Meyers from Marketing Associate to Director of Marketing. James has been with Smith Design for more than six years and has contributed greatly to his role as Marketing Associate by developing new business opportunities for Smith, particularly in the Tourism and Retail segments.

James has more than 10 years of marketing experience in the print advertising industry, evidenced by his ability to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. We have no doubt he will continue to brilliantly represent Smith and shine as our Director of Marketing.

James will oversee the marketing teams and all Smith marketing initiatives going forward. He will report to me, directly.

Let us all take a moment to congratulate James on his new promotion and wish him luck for the future.


Sarah Gonsalves

President of Smith Marketing Firm

Promotion announcement FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions about promotion announcements:

How are promotion announcements made?

The most common channels of delivery for promotion announcements include:

  • Memos within the organization, such as in a newsletter
  • Formal letters
  • Online announcements
  • In-office speeches
  • Emails
  • Press releases

How you choose to make a promotion announcement will depend on the size and type of organization, the significance of the promotion and who you wish to inform.

When should a promotion announcement be sent?

A promotion announcement can be sent after the following:

  • The details of the promotion have been finalized, including salary, responsibilities and other details
  • The employee has officially accepted the new promotion
  • You have informed the promoted employee of when the announcement will be made
  • All management has been informed of the promotion

What format should you use when writing a promotion announcement email?

Use a professional format and your company logo if you have one. Use professional language and proofread before sending.

Tips for sending a promotion announcement

The following are tips for composing and sending a promotion announcement email:

  • Include the effective date of the promotion so all employees are aware of when to expect related changes.
  • Ensure that your grammar, spelling and facts are accurate.
  • Keep the promotion email as concise and relevant to the promotion as possible.
  • Start the promotion announcement email positively to convey the purpose and tone of the email.
  • Provide contact information for either yourself, the promoted employee or another related individual for questions.