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  • “4K Stogram is an excellent application for power Instagram users. It provides extremely effortless way to access thousands of Instagram photos offline.“ — Guidingtech.com.
  • How to Download Instagram Photos and Stories with 4K Stogram Open the 4K Stogram app on your Mac. In the top search bar, type the account username, hashtag, or location. You will see the suggestions. Click to select. From the right of the Subscribe option, click on the settings icon.
  • 4k Stogram is the perfect application for all your bulk Instagram downloading needs. It’s available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu and also comes with multilingual support of up to 13 languages. 4k Stogram makes it a lot easier for us to bulk download images and videos from Instagram or just to simply backup our Instagram photos and videos onto our local machine.
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4K Stogram is a computer program that automatically downloads entire Instagram profiles and saves them on your hard drive for offline access to photos and videos. The program even works for private accounts as long as you are willing to log in with yours to verify that you’ve been approved to follow them.

4K Stogram Professional The Instagram Viewer and Downloader for PC and macOS. Download photos, videos, and stories from your friends’ public and private Instagram accounts, backup your Instagram profile and import your list of Instagram subscriptions.

More than just an incredibly easy way to save backups of your Instagram profile and others, having offline access to several Instagram accounts means you can browse your favorite photos whenever you want. Even set some of the more artsy ones as your desktop background or use them for personal notes and ideas.

4k Stogram Instagram

4K Stogram is free for PC, Mac and Linux. Here is our tour of the app.

Keeping Instagram Backups with 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is one of the easiest and most intuitive apps you’ll ever come across for downloading Instagram photos on a computer. All that’s necessary is to open the app, then in the search bar at the top type in an Instagram username, hashtag or place — thanks to geotagging — and click Subscribe.

The app will pull what you’re looking for and immediately start downloading that collection of photos in the background. In fact, it’s somewhat hard to tell at first that it’s even downloading. After all, 4K Stogram isn’t just a large window of downloads, it has an interface too that you can navigate to view the photos. If you hover over a post, you get that post’s caption with additional options like the ability to view the original on Instagram.

I didn’t even tell that photos were downloading until I clicked an image and it opened as a file on my computer. Sure enough, the photos saved in the app’s default location. You can change this to whatever you like by going to the app’s settings — more on that in a bit. Each collection based on your search is saved in its own folder.

You’re also welcome to perform multiple search queries at once and they’ll all start downloading simultaneously. Yes, videos are included too, as the number of “unwatched” files also shows up in the progress indicator.

The folders won’t live update with new photos or videos so every time you want to get everything back in sync, just reopen the app again. Any new posts should automatically save into their designated folders.

The one glaring downside to 4K Stogram is its quite a power hog. With all of those downloads happening in the background, your computer is bound to quickly start making quite a bit of noise as the fan kicks in to high gear. It noticeably slowed down my MacBook Air while running. So just be cautious particularly if you have an older computer and limit yourself to only downloading/backing up one or two accounts at a time.

Tip: You can use the handy links in the menu bar to subscribe to your own account or subscribe to every account you follow. The latter isn’t recommended though especially if you follow dozens if not hundreds of accounts. Why put your poor machine through that?

Private Users

4K Stogram also lets you download photos and videos from private accounts, but you do need to log in to your own account and verify you’re following the private account you want access to. You can’t just download any private account’s photos without pre-approval, but that shouldn’t be a surprise.

To do this, go to the app’s settings/preferences in the menu bar and log in with your credentials. Here is where you’ll also find the ability to browse for a new download location to change it from the default.


4K Stogram is free… mostly. I haven’t run into any barriers using it except for the banner ads at the bottom, but if you want to upgrade to receive unlimited photos download, unlimited private account access and multiple accounts, a license is $9.99 for up to three computers.

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The threshold must be quite high though because I had no problems downloading an abundance of photos and was able to do so from multiple accounts. Either way, that option is there if you need it.

Overall, 4K Stogram is an excellent application for power Instagram users. It provides extremely effortless way to access thousands of Instagram photos offline. You can download it free for PC, Mac or Linux on the 4K Download website.

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